Who is normally a part of this process?

The business owner, the public agency professionals (normally working behind the scenes), Engineers, Attorneys, Property Appraisers, Acquisition Agent, and the Relocation Agent.

What is Eminent Domain?

Eminent Domain is the term given to the inherent power of the state (any public agency) to seize a citizen's private property, without the owner's consent. In most cases, the government agency will condemn the property and purchase right-of-way to use it for a public project for the "Greater Good".

Is it worth it to hire BRS and how much will this cost me?

Hiring BRS will put you ahead of the game. BRS's investigations can uncover more ways for you, the business owner, to be compensated, so that you get more money back then you would have received otherwise. Furthermore BRS is covered by relocation funds, giving you no additional out-of-pocket expenses.

Is it really necessary to hire BRS, can't I use the public agency's relocation agent?

The public agency's relocation agents are, in general, pleasant and competent. However, they normally do not have your best interests in mind. Their goal is to remove you from the right-of-way, assist you in claims and advise you on your basic benefits. BRS, however, is focused solely on helping you understand your rights and the procedures that you will have to undertake in order to ensure that you receive the best possible compensation.

Do I have to move? If so, when?

A business relocation as a result of a public agency taking through eminent domain proceedings are most often performed under the threat of condemnation. In most cases, once the agency formally notifies the business and/or property owner of the taking, a minimum 90 day period begins.  As long as the public project moves forward through completion, you will eventually have to move!  At this point, scope of work, logistics, scheduling, inventory, construction opportunities, replacement facility availability, lease reviews and financing are just a few of the move planning decisions that need to be made.  BRS will handle all of these for you while you continue to go about the business of running your business.  Time frame and moving deadlines can often be negotiated with the agency and in most cases, BRS’ fee for these move-planning services is reimbursable resulting in very little or no cost to you!

What legal rights do I have?

As the business occupant of the property being acquired through the process of Condemnation, and with the anticipated filing of a request for Possession and Use by the agency, you can proceed with your relocation and are typically entitled to the following relocation benefits:

  1.  Moving and related costs.  

  2. Re-establishment expenses.  

Guidelines and capped categories can vary between agencies and are often complicated, detailed and sometimes intimidating.  BRS’s experience dealing with agencies from the federal, state and local level has given us an in-depth understanding of their unique policies and procedures.  If your business is being relocated, BRS has most likely dealt with the agency on another project.  You have the right to appeal any determination an agency makes with regard to your eligibility for any payment.  Once again, BRS can handle these issues and in most cases all or part of our fee is reimbursable.

If I am eligible for relocation benefits, when will I get paid?

Each agency determines eligibility and payment scheduling based on their own guidelines, policies and procedures.  Progress payments can usually be negotiated to help you move forward with the move.  Performance and documentation requirements will vary between agencies and there will always be claim forms involved. Once your move is complete and all documentation and submittal requirements are fulfilled, most agencies will make final payment within 30 days.  BRS can handle the entire claims processing and funds distribution procedure for you.

Where will I move?

BRS will gain an in-depth understanding of your overall business operations and needs throughout the relocation process.  We will utilize established relationships with the local real estate community to help you find a new home for your business.  From a simple tenant improvement to a complete turn-key development, BRS’s 25 years of experience can manage the entire process while maximizing your eligible reimbursable relocation expenses.

What do I do next?

BRS’ relocation consultants are available to answer any questions that you might have and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss our services with you at your convenience.



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